Monday, August 18, 2008

China Part Eight

So this is the last installment of our trip to China. I bet you thought I was finished, right? No I just got busy with work and life and lost steam. Pretty much this last entry will be a catch-all for the things that I didn't mention.

Our last night in Beijing we spent with our couch surfing friends, Curtis and Jenny. We went to their place (although it was tough to get in touch with them since we left our hostel and all the payphones required you to have a phone card- they didn't accept change!!) and had a couple drinks before taking a cab to a new part of the city. It was a really awesome place with a lot of bars around a beautiful lake. We enjoyed many beers for 10 yuan each (which is less than $1.50) and stayed out really late. It was the perfect end to a perfect trip. I tried to take a picture of them but my batteries were dead so this is all I have. Hahah. The first is blurry and the second one looks like I took it right before I stabbed them.
Other things that I might not have mentioned that were awesome: Dairy Queen. The flavor selection for Blizzards was limited but when you haven't had one in a long time it doesn't matter. We went to DQ twice and the second time we won a free ice cream cone. Which the worker insisted on giving to us right then and there. So we had a lot of ice cream that day and looked like giant foreign pigs. Oh well.

Also, I really enjoyed this overpass near our hostel. Check out the escalator! I wish they had those in Seoul!

The range of food available was also cool and interesting. The picture on the left is from when we ate hot pot (which was only okay but other meals we had on the trip were amazing). On the right you can see some typical street food that we did not try. Yeah, maybe I'll have scorpions on a stick next time I'm in Beijing. Or not.

Our trip back to Seoul also went smoothly. We picked up a bunch of candy for our friends and students and jumped onto one of the airport buses. Our flight back was uneventful and our luggage arrived with us back in Korea. What an amazing vacation! Here's a little video we made when we were out one night. Matt was really excited which is why he kept interrupting me. Also here's the link to the main page of our Beijing pictures.


Carter said...

once again, I am completely amazed at the quality of your youtube videos!!!! And especially in an open street!!!!!!!! Your camera and your youtube skills are out of this world and I am so disappointed my youtube videos turn out looking they are from 70s film on a giant reel.

Mez said...

Love the video :)