Monday, August 18, 2008

Funny Books

Here are a couple tidbits that we came across recently. The first is from one of Matt's textbooks. Like I've mentioned, I teach younger/lower level students so usually my material is really basic and boring. Matt gets all sorts of gems though. Like this unit on euthanasia. I mean, what else should 13 year old children be learning about in another language? I love the accurate picture too. So many healthy teenage girls are being euthanized these days. It's a crying shame, I tell you. Watch out kids for that giant pink, fluid-filled death needle. And you thought you only had to worry about fans!

The next is from one of my students' new notebooks. What does this mean? There was some Korean text and she said that the words were similar so I am guessing this one is just a bad translation. One thing is for sure, it's about love.

In other news, our school has decided to offer a new class- a Speaking class for the parents. Guess who will be teaching it? Yep, me. Wow, no pressure there. Hopefully it goes all right but they have yet to give me the books or any real instructions. I'm supposed to conduct interviews this week with the interested parents in order to place them in the appropriate level (beginner or intermediate). Things are never dull around here, that's for sure.


Carter said...

hahaha. you're hilarious. yay for new blogs!!!!

Bybee said...

You go, girl! Put those parents through their paces!