Friday, August 22, 2008

Margot Teacher's Goodbye Party

A couple weekends ago we had a big goodbye party for Margot Teacher. She's already back in the US and she will be missed by many over here. Her friend Joia planned a great night and there was a good turnout. The evening started out at the Hard Rock Cafe, chosen mainly for it's user friendly menu (there were people with extreme allergies in our group) and ability to accommodate a large group. Once everyone showed up it was really excellent, although probably it was the company rather than the food or service. The food was okay but really overpriced (as you probably know) and the staff didn't really have their act together. We contemplated renting the Hard Rock's norae bang room but then they told us that it was $30/hour PLUS you had to buy a $280 bottle of whiskey. Uhhh, no thanks.

So we escaped from the Hard Rock (who had a terrible band playing live that night) and headed over to the Hongdae area. We ended up at one of the Ho bars (there are at least 5) and in a moment of crazy we decided to order two bottles of tequila (we were being budget savvy I guess). Usually when I'm out I am really well behaved, however, this time we were the loud, obnoxious foreigners. We didn't get kicked out (or even reprimanded) but we did have an ice fight or two. You know what they say, no one wins in an ice fight. ^^

Next stop was norae bang (after stocking up on secret beverages). It was a long walk but well worth it since we went to one of the Luxury norae bangs. This one was lovely and included free ice cream! Yum! Just what a group of drunk foreigners needs. We got busted for having outside beverages but they let us keep the soju and just took the bottles (luckily we'd grabbed cups from the GS Mart) which I thought was a little strange but I didn't complain about. Sadly our time was up all too quickly. Since it was already a ridiculous time in the morning we decided to carry on with the festivities.

We found a club and started dancing the night away. The cover charge we paid apparently gained us entry to three different clubs so when the first one started getting a bit old we carried on to the next. That was where we ended the night. It was a long one and a late one but a really amazing time and the perfect way to send off Margot. And on the plus side, after the teary goodbyes we were able to take the subway home for cheap instead of springing for a taxi! Margot Teacher, we miss you already! To see all the crazy pictures you can go here.

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Andy M said...

Hilarious bar name... Ho Bar.

I was in Bucheon one time, and I went to a bar called C-bar. written in Korean as 씨-바, which almost sounds like a really bad word in korean. hehe