Friday, April 11, 2008

A post about last Sunday...

Okay, so I need to work on my titles. Sunday was another full day. We trooped back to Gangnam for a book club meeting (we were discussing Kafka on the Shore). It was a fun time and there was a good turn out. One of the members, Mitzi had just returned from a short trip to the USA and Canada and brought us back some presents. It was cute and really sweet of her since we don't know her super well. It also made me chuckle since we got "Canadian" souvenirs and we're from Canada but it's good because we didn't bring a lot of that stuff this time and the kids are into it. So now I have these adorable guys living on the top of my desk at work, supervising. Name suggestions are welcome!

We saw this guy on the way to the book club advertising for some store.

After the book club Matt and I split up. He went to meet with Dana, Curtis, Hokunani and her friend and I went to meet with a Korean girl named Rachel that I met online at an English speaking website (for people in Korea). I was a bit nervous but she was just lovely. Her English was so excellent and we hit it off and had great conversation. I really like her and hope to see her again soon. We watched a movie (Awake which I surprisingly didn't despise even though Hayden Christensen is in it... I guess it helped that he was unconscious for a large part of the movie) and then had sam gyup sal and chatted for hours.
When I got home Matt was jamming on the new guitar he spontaneously bought in Insadong. It's pretty, even if it's incredibly cheap, and it doesn't sound too bad. The guy even threw in a pick, case and tuner whistle thing all for about $80. Nice! It's wonderful having a guitar around again.

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