Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Charlie's Wedding

On Saturday we went to our Vice President's wedding. His English name is Charlie because he said his friend told him that he looks like Charlie Sheen. You might recall that we went to a wedding last year, with our friend Kelly, but we didn't know the bride or groom (Kelly did, of course). This wedding was similar to the one we went to last year, but smaller and maybe a bit more serious and "Christian". Like it was held in a church and there were no fog machines or bubble blowers. But it was still interesting and nice to see Charlie so happy.
Mark (our supervisor who's the one in the sunglasses) arranged a bus to take the weygooks (foreigners) to the wedding. When we arrived we greeted Charlie, met up with some other teachers (you can see David, the homework teacher too) and then it was time to eat! Yummy buffet!

After we ate we went and met the bride, who was sitting in the little viewing room where they keep brides. Matt, Seon, Yuni and I had a picture taken (by the professional photographer) with Charlie and his bride in the tiny room. A little bizarre.
Then it was time for the ceremony to start. It began with the mothers of Charlie and his bride walking down the aisle, hand in hand, followed by Charlie and then by his bride and her father.

This little girl was so adorable through the ceremony. She was totally rocking out- dancing and clapping her hands. It was really sweet!

After the ceremony we waited around so we could take a big group picture with Charlie and his wife- with all their coworkers. It was a little strange. Then they staged a picture of his wife tossing the bouquet to some woman and then the photographer asked for a picture of them kissing. Well, you would have thought they were 13 or something! He ended up pecking her on the cheek (there is no kissing in Korean ceremonies). Interesting times! Here's the rest of the pictures I took. Including of my new shoes that gave me killer blisters.

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Mom Bruce said...

Nice picture of you and Matty. I love reading your blog!! You need to update more!