Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Night Out with the Co-workers

Last Thursday we decided to spend some quality time with our co-workers, well at least the other foreign teachers since the Koreans all live super far away from this area so they couldn't stay after work without having to take a cab. First we had some dinner (delicious galbi and sam gyup sal) and then we decided to get a beer. On the way to the pub we came across a claw machine. This isn't that unusual since they have these claw machines in front of every other convenience store and bar in Seoul. However, I commented that they were a huge waste of money and that I'd never seen anyone win anything (in Korea) out of them. Well, Ryan sure showed me. He claims he's won tons of stuff. So it was on.
There are six of us (Matt, Ryan, Will, Eddie, Garrett and I- yes I am the only female foreign teacher at our school) and six prizes were won! Ahssa! They were all lighters though. Bwahah. And I don't think any of us smoke. So that's pretty funny. What is funnier is the lighter that Matt ended up with.
Look at this beauty!! Only in Korea would someone make a lighter with Jesus on it. That's not even the best part, actually. We couldn't figure out how to get it to work. It wasn't a Zippo flip top lighter like the rest of us got. So we poked and prodded it like a bunch of monkeys until Matt figured out that you have to rotate the Jesus coin upside, sort of like a wheel, then a tiny compartment opens on the top and a green flame comes out. It is the most glorious lighter I've ever seen, even if it's probably considered sacriligious. Would "Holy Smoke!" be too punny in this situation?

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Alison said...

"Holy Smoke!" - that's a classy pun. much appreciated!