Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Sunday at Seoul Forest

Last Sunday was really warm and beautiful out and we decided to check out Seoul Forest. Apparently it's the equivalent of Seoul's Central Park.
The park was swarming with people doing all sorts of things. We wandered around taking pictures and soaking in some sunshine. There were lots of things to see like the giant fountain that was filled with kids splashing and playing and the wicked playground.

We went to the insect observation area and it turned out that 90% of the insects were dead and carefully displayed in complex geometric patterns.

Here I am enjoying the most brilliant Korean invention- a milkshake in a bag. You get them from the ice cream section, let them melt for a couple minutes and then enjoy! I will really miss them when we go back to Canada.

Next we visited with some deer and it made me feel like I was back in Canada again. However the deer back home just walk into your yard and destroy your garden. These deer were much friendlier.

I really like how everyone recycles here. Even in public places they have the trash sorted and everyone abides by it. There also is very minimal littering and everyone carries their garbage until they get to a garbage can. Seems like such a tiny, common sense thing to do but it makes such a big difference. The second picture is of some people playing the game "Go". Such a cool idea to have all those black and white rocks in the garden that people can use to play the game.

This kid was hilarious and if you go through the whole picture album from Seoul Forest you'll see the whole series of him playing in the fountain. He was such a little bastard and here he's sitting on one of the jets and spraying all sorts of parents and people passing by.

The best part of the day was when we found a store in the subway station selling Coke Slurpees! Why is this a big deal? Even though they have 7-11 and tons of other convenience stores on every corner they do not have slurpees here! It's criminal, really. I have found something similar at one E-mart but it was more like a big sno-cone and the flavors were strawberry or lemon. The slurpee was a bit watery but it still satisfied. I'd recommend venturing out to Seoul Forest just for the slurpees.


Carter said...

That milkshake in a bag picture is too freaking cute!!!

ambearo said...

Awww! Thanks! (*^^*)ポッ