Monday, June 18, 2007

Look at [some of] my Korean beauty products.

One of my fears before traveling out here was that I'd have trouble finding skin products (my skin can be pretty sensitive/ annoying) once my current ones ran out. Turns out Korea is full of affordable, yummy smelling and high quality products. You can find the Body Shop (although there are only a couple stores and I live nowhere near them) but it's pretty overpriced (even more so than it is in Canada and there are Korean alternatives that are at least as good, if not better. The main/most popular stores are Skin Food and The Face Shop. When I ran out of moisturizer I went to Skin Food and one of the ladies that work there patted my face and recommended a few products. I chose the toner and moisturizer made from pumpkin, honey and milk and it's been working out pretty good for me.
Plus, look at the gorgeous bottles! They're glass (and pretty sturdy since I knocked one onto the tile floor and it didn't smash into a thousand pieces) and much nicer looking than the ugly plastic Mary Kay moisturizer I had previously.

On a slightly related note- look at my $1 nail polish. I've never had bright red polish and so far it's pretty fun.

Yeah, these entries are pretty boring. Maybe I should ask Matt to write a few for a change so there's a bit more testosterone.

I want to point out the adorable bunny Carter sent me that you can see in the background of the moisturizer picture. She thought it was evil and terrifying looking and I love it. Thanks so much!


Hector said...

You don't need testosterone. Testosterone drinks sweat... NARGH!!! I want to know about Korean skin products. More people should know about taking care of their skin while being away from home. And yes, the bottles are so pretty. And much cooler than icky plastic.

Do they have Burt's Bees and Lush in Korea?

Skinfood Canada said...

I like Skinfood too they are nice stuff.