Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Weekend

It was pretty boring for the most part but we did get a lot of cleaning done (specifically the frightening recycle/laundry room from hell). Saturday we did get out and went shopping around Namdaemun and that was quite successful. Matt found some new shorts and I got some new skirts so we won't have to wear rags any longer. The weather has been spectacular which means I will be completely devastated once the rainy season kicks in at the end of the month. Here are a few pictures.
Book vending machines are one of the really cool things I've found here. And the books are only 2,000 won! (about $2)

Unfortunately they are all in Korean but still really, really cool.

We found this cleverly named store in Namdaemun and I just had to pose in front of it.

Look! It's Astroboy (Atom) and Astrogirl (Uran)!

The next picture is interesting for 2 reasons- first, look at the digital price tags!! and second, wow, maple syrup is so ridiculously expensive!

After we had a bite to eat (and bought a bottle of really delicious port to take home) we decided to head over to Dongdaemun to try and catch a movie. We randomly chose The Messengers because it was 1) in English and 2) wasn't a sequel. Wow. It pretty much sucked. If you want me to elaborate (hilariously, I might add) you can ask but I will spoil the plot/ending for you. I took a picture of the mild Engrish outside of the theatre. The last is just a camera whore picture I took before we left. Good day but hopefully next weekend will be more exciting. I want to figure out how to get out of Gimpo/Seoul and maybe go to a beach or something. I just don't know where to go/how to get anywhere.

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