Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh the hilarity!

Warning: people who do not find me funny or the things I find funny to be funny should avoid this entry like it's on fire.

On Sunday we met up with our buddies Eddie and Gisela and took a tour of Changdeok Palace. I will write about that later (maybe tomorrow) but I want to show you the priceless postcards that I bought when we were wandering through Insadong after our tour. I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures but hopefully that doesn't diminish the humor.
This one is probably the hardest to see so I will describe it for you. Basically it says 'I Love Seoul' and then provides (I assume) images of the especially lovable items that Seoul offers. Like in the bottom right corner where it shows a pile of watches probably at Dongdaemun Market. Or just above it where there is a picture of a cheeky monkey. There's also the jars filled with ginseng, the cute stuffed teddy bears, the candy and oranges and the pornographic billboards. Wha..!?! Oh wait a minute, wtf!?

This next one is welcoming us to Seoul: The City of Beauties. Who are holding goats. And sitting awkwardly on hay. While a massive, angry ostrich peeps over the side and locks eyes with the goat preparing for a battle royale unlike any Asia has seen since Godzilla vs. Mothra.

Okay, I realize that this postcard is referencing The Bionic Woman but come on! Bionic Parts Rule? Pure comic gold.

Someone please enlighten and reassure me that this isn't just some bizarre, random statement and is actually a quote from Superman XXI or something. I think I'm going to use this taunt my arch nemesis the next time I see them eating McDonald's.

These last two really convinced me of the Korean Power Rangers true sublimity. Look at how awesome they are and yet still polite and considerate. I will have a nice day in Seoul while you flip, kick and spin midair with the freaky animatronic panda and lion you stole from Seoul Land. But watch out for the giant swan and penguin that are floating along the Han River! (Also, can anyone explain to me why the Korean Power Rangers appear to be in their mid-thirties/early forties. Aren't they supposed to be teenagers?)

Gisela asked me while we were browsing if I was going to buy a lot of souvenirs for myself here and I came to the realization that I should probably buy some art or something cool because I'll probably be sorry one day, when/if I grow up, and all I have to show from my time in Korea is a bunch of Engrish/Konglish shirts, a braided white leather headband and these retarded postcards.


Mom Bruce said...

I just love reading your blog!! I wish Kristybruce could have had as good of an experience as you and Matt seem to be having

Melissa said...

Well it's okay. If I went over there, I'd end up with a plethora of tiny plastic capsule toy prizes, hello kitty stuff, and random engrish shirts. I think we all have our random Asian souvenir vices.

ambearo said...

I wish KB's experience was better too. :-( She should have come to Korea!

Mom Bruce said...

Maybe I will have to go with her. I could be her house9Mom)boy

Kirsty Bryce said...

Wait a minute... do I get a say in this??? If I get a house boy, he is going to definitely need to be 25 and nubile.

Anonymous said...

I especially love the super man one! That is just too funny!

Faerynight said...

Hahahahaha...those are great, thanks for making me smile, I needed that.