Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We're not dead and an overview of SAIPAN.

I appologize for the lack of updates but since we've returned to work we've been pretty busy. Joi is still in America due to some unfortunate circumstances but we have received word that she shall return on Friday night and therefore will be back to work on Monday. This is great news since Lewis will be gone on his honeymoon and it would have been true hell to be down 2 teachers for a week. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon though. Just a reminder- MY BIRTHDAY IS ON MONDAY!!!

Oh and I know you must all be dying to hear about Saipan so I'll give you the super short version (with a more detailed account to come once I am not so exhausted and busy).
We had a great time, it was very sunny and beautiful and every day held new and interesting experiences.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:


Angelo said...

That is quite possibly the best post on Saipan I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Haha...I like how all you did was drink fancy schmancy cocktails??! OO HOW FUN!

ambearo said...

Well Angelo, it appears you are an expert of sorts on things dealing with Saipan, so I shall take that comment as a compliment.

Stephie, the cocktails were really yummy and we went every night to happy hour (half price) and listened to the bitchin' synth band. Good times.