Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

So here in the future it's already 2007 and we're all recovering from a late night in Seoul. We took some pictures but they really weren't doing the chaos justice so we took a short video at the stroke of midnight. I've never been so close to fireworks in my life and I've never seen so many roman candles ever. The noise was almost deafening and the air was so clouded with sulfur it looked like we were sitting in a dirt storm. It was like being inside a giant, black popcorn maker with a million of my closest Asian friends. We set some roman candles off ourselves and it was the scariest thing ever. I was just covered in bits of fireworks and sulfur and had to shower before I could go to bed. There were tons of people and police. At midnight they have a tradition where they strike a giant bell (the Bosingak Bell) 33 times to ring in the New Year and you can sort of hear this happening in the background of the video. After the countdown we wandered the streets for awhile dancing, cheering and dodging fireworks. A bunch of Koreans took our picture while we were dancing with the traditional drummers. It was a lot of fun and truly a unique experience. For the pictures, go here. Hope everyone had a great night, where ever you are in the world. Much love.


Mez said...

That was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing that, I love seeing you on the videos!!

Jo said...

Brilliant video Ambearo!

Happy New Year to you both xxx