Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Wow, it has been a long time! So long in fact that I've been intimidated about logging onto this website. Kind of like when you haven't stepped foot into a church for a long time and you're nervous you might get struck by lightning. Anyway, here is a brief overview of where things stand and then I will work on filling in the blanks a bit better.

September 2007: We finished our year at Little Brown and returned to Edmonton. Many birthdays, graduations, parties, delicious meals and shopping sprees occurred.

October 2007: We flew to Vancouver and spent time with loved ones out there. This included a massive road trip to Northern BC, more horses than I care to remember, meeting a new nephew, a couple trips to the USA, delicious meals and numerous shopping sprees.

November 2007: We found ourselves still in BC and we spent a lot of time looking for another contract in Korea. We did accept one but it would not start until January so we hung out and relaxed some more.

December 2007: This month was quite hectic since we were busy with Visa paperwork, a trip to the Dominican Republic (where we were stuck in Tropical Storm Olga) and general holiday season madness. I ended up flying back to Alberta to spend Christmas with my family while Matt remained in BC until after Christmas. We spent New Years with fantastic friends in Camrose.

January 2008: Our much anticipated and illustrious return to Korea!! We're now living and working in Seoul in the Jamsil/Song-pa area. It's a brand new school (although it's part of a chain of schools) and so far things are going well.

So now that you have the short of it I suppose I should get cracking on the long(er) of it! It's good to be back!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to say....
And my favorite sibling saw me off at the airport like she always does ;)

ambearo said...

I didn't mention it since I thought it was too obvious! ;o)

Jess P said...

Nice Blog!!! You are so right about Asian airlines... I LOVED Japanese Airlines (JAL) they were amazing as was the service etc and I was in the regular class! Can't wait to follow up on your adventures. Where I am we have about 2.5ft of snow maybe more. I don't know if you met my Rottweiler Maverick who is a bit 140pds, the snow is past the mid part of his neck just to give you a idea of what you are "missing out on." lol.

ambearo said...

Asian Airlines are def. the way to go.

Poor Maverick- how's he holding up in the snow? How's your arm??