Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our New Apartment!

So as I mentioned, we are now living in Seoul, Korea. Last year we lived in a suburb called Gimpo City. We arrived on January 6th and were picked up at the airport by a cab service. The cab brought us to our new school where we met Mark, our supervisor, who showed the cab driver where our apartment was. I knew that our place would be smaller than last time since we are living in Seoul this time and because we don't have roommates. I held my breath a little when Mark opened the door. Our apartment is great!! Look and see for yourself!

It doesn't have a living room and there's not enough space for a couch but our bedroom is in a separate room from the kitchen! You can see the kitchen utensils they provided us with (pot, frying pan, 2 mugs, 2 small plates, 2 bowls, a set of chopsticks and spoon, a ladle, a spatula, a kettle and a cutting board) and I placed the ladle on the washing machine to show scale. You'll also notice that we don't have a regular "shower". We have a drain in the floor of the bathroom and you regulate whether the water comes through the sink or through the showerhead by turning a knob.

I wish the school had provided us with more stuff (considering we will be leaving this place to the next teachers they hire and not taking it back with us to Canada) but I guess there isn't much we can do. We're buying the bare minimum and living without the rest. It's not a palace but it is clean, cozy and ours alone.
Oh, and I hear that Canada is having a bit of a cold snap right now. We're feeling pretty frosty here ourselves. As you can see from this picture of the park across the street, we had snow in Seoul. I know, it's insanity. In fact it's snowed 3 times since we arrived. Of course, it all melted by the next day but until then we really suffered. Hahaha.


Pandora said...

I'm so glad your blog is back!

Carter said...

Viva le Brown blog!!

For some reason, as soon as I see pink in Asian places, I think, "Hello Kitty??" I can't see exactly what that is in the washing machine but when I saw that and the cute boxes on the table, that's what I was thinking. :)

Your place looks very nice and still HUGE compared to my place!!

Kirsty Bryce said...

Carter, that is also what I thought.

Anyway, it's not so cold here. This afternoon, it got up to a balmy -26 C. Good times.

ambearo said...

No Hello Kitty... Sorry Carter! Yeah, I'm really happy with our place. (especially now we've figured out how to make the water hot for a shower... a bit tricky but very important!)