Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sea World, Cruising down the Han River, and more...

Last weekend we met up with a bunch of friends (there were 12 of us in total) for one last hurrah. A lot of us are leaving in the next couple weeks (Matt and I, Angela, Trish, Amanda) so we decided we would check out the aquarium (Sea World) in the 63 Building, have some dinner and then take a cruise down the Han River. This also gave us an opportunity to introduce Margot to some more people and see some of Seoul before we leave.

Sea World was fun but it wasn't anything special. I think the aquariums at the CO-EX Mall and in Busan were better. I do love watching penguins though! Even though we were deep in Seoul and extremely far away from the school we managed to run into one of our kids! Technically she is Margot's kindergarten student now but she screamed my name. It was adorable Alice! Of course as soon as we tried to talk to her she went completely mute and made it look as though she'd never heard English before. It was neat to run into her though.

After the aquarium we found a decently priced restaurant that seemed to have a good variety of food. Although I know she is grown I still can't help but worry about Margot since she is allergic to seafood and eggs (very allergic) and we are in the land of seafood and eggs. As it turned out, her meal had eggs in it and she had (thankfully) a minor allergic reaction. We visited KFC later so she could get something else to eat. The restaurant was a pretty wacky experience since we were such a huge group and basically the only people in the whole place. They also had a live band that switched to English songs as soon as we sat down and it was like they were singing just for us. The singer asked us some questions. It was strange. I felt like I was sitting at the head table at a wedding or something.

Then when Margot had her allergic reaction we asked the waiter for ice. Well he came back with a plate or rice. D'oh! So we sent it back and got the ice. Then later Margot was still hungry so we asked for the rice again. Agh! I swear, it was a comedy of errors. They must have thought we were insane!
After dinner we headed over to the pier and bought tickets for the cruise. It was really beautiful watching the sun set while floating down the Han River. And there was entertainment provided! I doubt I will ever get another opportunity to watch the Korean Children's Yodeling Choir! Yes, you read that correctly and no, I couldn't make this kind of stuff up.

After the cruise we searched for the subway station for a very long time. Oops! And then most of us parted ways. Matt, Margot and I invited Eddie and Gisela to have the full Gimpo experience before we left and they accepted. This meant traveling all the way out to Gimpo, having a drink at Hudson and then snuggling into a noraebang.

I think Margot will fit in here quite nicely. And look at my and Eddie's awesome moves during Kung Fu Fighting. We are fierce!

Oh and all the pictures from the day are over here.

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